Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml

  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml
  • Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey -250 ml

Our Special Holyland Package of Olive Oil and Honey includes a bottle of Meshek Achiya Olive Oil and a jar of Negohot Bee Farm honey.

The olives are grown in the Biblical land near Shiloh where the Tabernacle once stood. The oil is a unique blend of several dominant and delicate varieties of olives which together create a balanced Israeli flavor. The combination of the different types is determined by the Meshek Achiya experts.

The oil has a balanced hot and bitter taste and is appropriate for hot cooking or cold seasoning.

Oil net weight: 250 ml(8.45 oz.)

For the honey you may choose from four different flavors of pure natural honey made by bees grown in The Heart Of Israel.

The flavors are:  Citrus Honey, Avocado Honey,  Wildflower Honey and Eucalyptus Honey

The honey has a wonderful deep taste loved by honey experts.

Our honey is 100% pure and raw, and unlike most processed honey consumed today, has not been heated at all - preserving its incredible nutritional value and health benefits. 

The honey is organic and all natural and contains no chemicals or additives.

Honey net weight: 500 gr (17.635 oz.) for each jar

Kosher for Passover

Honey flavor
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The oil

From cultivating and growing the olives, all the way to marketing and selling the oil, Meshek Achiya does every single step of the process - the entire picture from the orchard to the bottle.

Their quality oil has won various international prizes, and has been awarded Israel’s finest olive oil several years in a row. It is the olive oil of choice for people from across the spectrum including private consumers and top chefs. At Meshek Achiya, they believe that good olive oil starts with good olives.

The honey

In the Southern Hebron Hills, the very same region where the holy site the Cave of the Patriarchs is located, you will find the beautiful town of Negohot. In this tiny settlement, the verses from Exodus come alive at the home of Shimrit and Baruch Foychtvanger.

Shimrit and Baruch Foychtvanger are bee farmers and the founders of Negohot Honey. Baruch has been involved in beekeeping for his entire life, having learned the trade from his father. Although he grew up around bees, he decided to study agriculture, in order to excel at his trade. His studies have paid off, and he now produces some of the country’s most unique and delicious honey

How to recognize pure quality honey?

All the honey's wonderful characteristics are preserved in quality honey - meaning completely, natural unheated honey.

First tip - Search for the differences in taste and color among the different types of flowers

The honeybee can produce honey from any sugar solution, not just from flower nectar. In the winter, when the bees don't have enough food in the beehive, they are fed with a industrial sugar solution. The minute blossoming starts in nature, and the honeybees go out to gather the nectar, they must stop feeding on the sugar solution, so it won't mix with the natural honey.

You can be a 100% sure that the honeybees in the Negohot beehives don't get any sugar solution feeding during the honey gathering season. We are not even tempted. We are farmers in our soul, and we are here to produce the purest, healthiest honey possible.

Our honey participates in the "Israeli quality honey" program of the Honey council, it is sent every year to quality testing in a lab in Germany and gets the highest rate A in all indicators.

Because the honey is produced from flower nectar only, you can really feel the difference in the honey taste according to where the beehives were placed, we get a variety of remarkable tastes: Wildflower, Citrus, Eucalyptus and Avocado.

Second tip - prefer honey that is thick and crystallized

The bees keep a constant temperature (37°C) in the beehive, the minute the honey leaves the beehive it starts a natural process of crystallizing, which hastens as the temperature drops.

The honey can be returned to a liquid state by heating. It is important to state that the famous health benefits of the honey ( Anti-Bacterial, Disinfect, Antioxidant and more) are at their best when honey is unheated, since heating may hurt the honey's nutritious value.

Meshek Achiya

The beginning

In 1997, Rabbi Yosef Shukar and his wife Ronit helped establish the settlement in the hills east of Shiloh, called Achiya (named after the Levite Prophet from Ancient Shilo). This pioneering couple soon founded the Meshek Achiya olive grove and olive oil factory. At the time, he was teaching in a pre-military yeshiva. The couple, along with Yosef’s students, took barren land, planted olive trees, and watched with amazement as the land began to flourish before their very eyes. They had heard that the Land of Israel had waited for the Jewish people and that it came to life with the Jewish touch, but it was a miraculous experience to see it for themselves. The Land of Israel is described in the Bible as, “a land of wheat and barley, and vines and fig-trees and pomegranates; a land of olive-trees and honey” (Deuteronomy 8:8).

After seeing his olive orchards flourish, Yossi bought an olive press for Achiya where he would cold-press his precious olives. Cold-pressing is a slower process, but maintains the integrity of the olives, resulting in higher quality oil. Just as it says in Exodus 27:20, the oil that was used to light the candle in the Tabernacle had to be, ”pure olive oil”, so too the oil of Meshek Achiya has won international prizes, and is acclaimed as one of the finest in the world.

Negohot Bee Farm

Baruch, the bee man, is a son to an old family of honeybee farmers, that has been harvesting honey for over 50 years. When he was young Baruch used to work with his father in the beehives on his vacations, learned the secrets of the profession and fell in love with the exceptional world of bees. Later on he decided to build a bee farm in Negohot, because he wanted to produce a product he is proud to stand behind, in professionalism, without compromises, with a lot of respect to the natural processes happening in the beehives.

Today Negohot bee farm has hundreds of beehives that are stationed most of the time in the Lachish area, and move around according to the seasons of the year to different assignments of pollination of crops all over the country of Israel. The number of our beehives grows from year to year, but our principles stay the same:

100% Healthy pure honey without any additives or heating

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