Halva Kingdom of Jerusalem - Banana Halva

  • Halva Kingdom of Jerusalem - Banana Halva
  • Halva Kingdom of Jerusalem - Banana Halva
  • Halva Kingdom of Jerusalem - Banana Halva
  • Halva Kingdom of Jerusalem - Banana Halva

A fruity twist on the classic halva flavor. Adding a touch more sweetness, it is the perfect ingredient for banana inspired desserts.

Taste the sweetness of the Holy Land in every bite!

Halva net weight:  180 gr. (6.3 oz.)

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Halva Kingdom showcases the highest quality of sweet sesame treats, created in the Holy Land - the "land of milk and honey" (Exodus 33:3).

This ethnic dessert has become a popular delicacy, appreciated for its nutritional qualities.

Having learnt the traditional techniques from his Moroccan grandfather, Eli Mamman produces over 100 flavors of fine halva, including pistachio, coffee, date, peanut butter and chili.

All of the halva are hand-made, using a time-honored method and produced from organic whole sesame seeds, specially imported from Ethiopia. The sesame is ground with a millstone and processed under stringent conditions to preserve its quality and nutritional value. Over the years, Halva Kingdom has become one of the pillars of the Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, thanks to a large selection of flavored halva that can be sampled on the premises. Eli also produces a “cousin” of halva, the sesame paste, tahini, in more than sixty flavors.

Sesame seeds are rich in nutrients including phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron. They are also a fantastic source of calcium and Vitamins B and E. Sesame Seeds are 20% protein, which helps to prevent anemia, making them an essential ingredient in vegetarian or vegan diets.

Delight your taste buds. Order your choice of halva and tahini now!

Eli Mamman, the Crown Prince of the Halva Kingdom, inherited all of the family secrets from his grandfather. In 1947, Eli's grandfather worked tirelessly in Morocco to produce the highest quality of the sesame-based nutritious confection, halva. A Middle Eastern delicacy, halva first appeared in the seventh century and was savored throughout many continents.

When the Mamman family was blessed to make Aliyah from Morocco, they settled in the Old City of Jerusalem, walking the ancient stones where King David walked, dwelling where King Solomon’s Temple stood. Sadly, the Mammans were among the Jews who ran for their lives, exiled from the Old City in the late 1940s. This led to the family’s resettlement in Nachla’ot, the first neighborhood established outside the walls of the Old City. After Israel gained control of the Old City once again, the Mammans were able to return to their rightful land and settled in the community of Ma'aleh Adumim, down the road from where the Holy Temple once stood.

The special halva flavor was perfected in Eli Mamman's home kitchen, but soon the growing family needed the expanding business to have a place of its own.

Using only the finest Ethiopian sesame seeds, Eli opened a store inside the bustling Yehuda Market of Jerusalem, "The Shuk." The myriad of colors, exotic aromas and cacophony of sounds that fill the Yehuda Market, led Eli Mamman to believe that this was the perfect location for his unique and authentic halva production.

Over the years, Halva Kingdom has established itself as one of the main attractions of the Shuk experience.

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