424 Gourmet Salt from the Dead Sea - Garlic

  • 424 Gourmet Salt from the Dead Sea - Garlic
  • 424 Gourmet Salt from the Dead Sea - Garlic
  • 424 Gourmet Salt from the Dead Sea - Garlic
  • 424 Gourmet Salt from the Dead Sea - Garlic
  • 424 Gourmet Salt from the Dead Sea - Garlic
  • 424 Gourmet Salt from the Dead Sea - Garlic

Pure Biblical salt, with the deep, natural flavor characteristic of the Dead Sea.

The unique qualities of natural salt from the Dead Sea combined with the benefits of garlic. A fascinating festival of flavor.

424 brings the salt from the same source that was once used in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem to flavor every home-made dish around the world.

Salt 424 is 100% natural, without chemicals or additives, and is packaged for sale without refining or heating.  


Packaging options:

Grinder: 110 gr (3.88 oz.) Kosher for Passover

Jar: 450 gr (15.87 oz.)


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Salt 424 brings the world’s highest-quality Biblical salt to your table, with a novel twist— unique and popular flavors that will enrich any recipe.

It combines the natural qualities of the Dead Sea with the creative spirit of modern cooking.

As the Dead Sea is located only 33 kilometers away from Jerusalem, this was the source of salt they used in the Holy Temple, as it says in Leviticus 2:13, "And every meal-offering of thine, shalt thou season with salt;"

The developers of 424 took this ancient Biblical salt and produced gourmet salt for kitchens around the world.

Salt 424—All the advantages in all the flavors

424 meters below sea level, with a desert climate of 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year, almost no precipitation, and clean, dry air results in a high-quality natural salt that is rich in minerals.

The natural salt is collected in the traditional way and dried for use with an ancient method that preserves its qualities and benefits.

Producing the best salt in the world at 424 meters below sea level.

Salt 424 was cultivated from the natural source of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth and one of the 10 wonders of the world.

Alon Lior, an Israeli Jew from Haifa joined forces with Otman Chalak, an Arab from Jerusalem to revolutionize Otman's little salt factory by the Dead Sea. They located their warehouse in a home for autistic adults, which gives their days structure and purpose.

In these turbulent times, we pray that Alon and Otman’s message of peace and kindness can spread throughout the country and set an example for both nations.

Alon and Otman understood that salt is what enhances every dish and it is everlasting. Just like the offerings of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem stood as "an everlasting covenant of salt before the Lord." (Numbers 18:19), so too we should always remember the everlasting love G-d has for His people.

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