Sarah Feld Designs "Al Tirah" - "Don't be Afraid" silver pendant

  • Sarah Feld Designs "Al Tirah" - "Don't be Afraid" silver pendant
  • Sarah Feld Designs "Al Tirah" - "Don't be Afraid" silver pendant
  • Sarah Feld Designs "Al Tirah" - "Don't be Afraid" silver pendant
  • Sarah Feld Designs "Al Tirah" - "Don't be Afraid" silver pendant
  • Sarah Feld Designs "Al Tirah" - "Don't be Afraid" silver pendant
  • Sarah Feld Designs "Al Tirah" - "Don't be Afraid" silver pendant

Silver pendant 925 with the Hebrew words  "אל תירא" meaning 'Don't be afraid for God is with you'. (Isaiah 41:10)

These words appear in God's comforting expression to Jacob and are repeated throughout our prayers.  They continue to empower us until today.

Pendant dimensions: 2.5X3.5 cm.(0.98"X1.38")

Pendant weight: 2.75 gr.

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Introduction to Sarah Feld Designs 

Anyone with an affinity towards jewelry might say they have pieces which carry sentimental value. Perhaps it's a grandmother’s wedding ring or a necklace received for an anniversary.
American-Israeli jewelry designer, Sarah Feld has taken meaningful jewelry to a whole new level with her Land of Israel and Jewish-themed designs. The charming 'Miriam’s Tambourine' (which actually tinkles) symbolizes a woman's incredible ability to believe things will turn out right. A silver globe with the words ‘God’s glory fills the world’ inscribed in Hebrew reminds us that no matter where we are, God's presence can be felt.

The Design Process 

In 2005, the RingSaver ® was the first jewelry item she considered. Designed and crafted in Israel, the RingSaver ® pendants: pomegranate of abundance, Jewish star with a dove nesting cozily., or 'Israel in my Heart' offer an innovative way to safeguard your rings when you take them off to wash, apply cream, or for any reason.

Joining forces 

In 2012, Sarah met Tamar Silverstein of Jerusalem, mom to many, and an artist and creator of elegant jewelry. Since then they have worked (if you call this work) together on Sarah's designs, with Tamar's finely honed silver making expertise. Apprenticing with Tamar, Sarah has become co-artisan in creating the jewelry.

It all Began...

Originally from New Jersey, Sarah moved to Israel in 1981. She has lived in Jerusalem, Beit El and presently lives in Hebron, with its biblical landmark Cave of the Patriarchs. This holy site is one of her primary sources of inspiration.

About Sarah 

Sarah’s sparkle is not only through her jewelry. She was a sought-after doula (birth coach) and childbirth educator for nearly 30 years. Actively involved in her community, she has facilitated memoir and creative writing for golden-agers and offers guided imagery and inner child work for inner growth and healing.

She is a published author of human interest articles (sometimes under a pseudonym), political commentary and has so far published two books of her poetry, "Your Voice I See" and "Generation of the Desert".

Sarah actively emphasizes her love for Jewish traditions and the Land of Israel by dancing‚ hiking and playing the Darbuka (a sort of Mideastern goblet-shaped drum).

She is a mother to five and a grandmother to many. To her grandchildren, and their friends, she is known as Savta (grandma) Sarah. Her recent re-marriage to an Israeli (non-English speaking!) husband deepens her roots into this good Land.

Sarah Feld has taken her wide-ranging talents and streamlined them into items that people love.

The design process 

“Through my jewelry and books, I try to express love and faith in God, in Israel and in the Jewish people. And I aspire to reach out with these messages to the good people of all nations," Sarah shared. “By creating optimistic and innovative spiritually themed jewelry, I would like to think that the meaningful messages they impart will help to bring the redemption a little bit closer.”

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